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Atlanta Steeplechase and Hudson Sutler May 06 2013, 3 Comments

Sometimes you meet someone and you become instant friends. Maybe you have similar interests, hobbies, or like the same sports team. Or maybe you can both relate on the perils and triumphs of the apparel business. Grant Hewit is one of those gents. 

Grant, who owns Hudson Sutler (An NYC-based company making high quality canvas bags), first talked to Jonathan and I over a conference call. We both decided to share a booth at the 48th Atlanta Steeplechase, and a photo shoot idea was born with longtime B&M friend Caroline Fontenot from Back Down South. Grant's vision for his company's image involves bringing like minds together. His idea of traveling to meet friends, other brands, and a great photographer fostered community and we all had a great time. What's funny is that many of us had not met. 

Social media is a big part of our company. We have met many friends, style blogs, and photographers over Twitter and have fostered relationships in real life because of it. The five of us met in Buckhead recently to shoot Grant's lookbook and eventually share some oysters and Monday Night Fuman Brew on a hot patio. The all-star crew featured Grant Hewit, Gregg from Jack Donnelly, Jess from The Love List, and Caroline from Back Down South. Of course I couldn't travel from Nashville to Buckhead without making a trip to Sid Mashburn to marvel at the double monk straps and listen to Sid talk about vintage tube amps and high-fi stereos. The guys knows style, but I'm impressed by his knowledge of the analog. 



Steeplechase was the following day and filled with a sea of bow ties and sundresses. We ran into a couple friends, past customers and made some new ones. Caroline came by and took a few photos and we ran into our good friend Jarrod who was rocking a Golightly like mine. 



The lookbook turned out great. And we gained a great friend out of the process. I took my new Hudson Sutler bag on a short trip to NYC recently. It performed well and got lots of looks. Fits nice in the overhead too.

Flip through Hudson Sutler's Atlanta lookbook here

Check out our Atlanta Steeplechase bow tie here


Photographer Collaborations: The Blakley February 26 2013, 0 Comments

Paige Newton- Texas


We first met Paige in November of 2011. She had seen Co-Founder Nick Barnes on Back Down South and had reached out to us as she was on the way to Nashville and wanted to link up. We became fast friends and had an awesome photo shoot all over the city which culminated in a champagne party at the end of the evening. Check out her original post from that weekend here. Paige seems to have never met a stranger and is quite an accomplished photographer. 

"I can't tie a bow tie to save my life....I needed someone else to tie it for me which is why it ended up on my head and not my neck. I'm also extremely awkward on camera- even when I'm taking a self portrait which is why I look, well, awkward. ;) "

Paige attended the University of Texas where she got her degree in Public Relations but had an opportunity to study film photography one summer in Italy and has been hooked ever since. After returning with the basics she spent time perfecting her craft by attending workshops, asking other photographers for advice, and teaching herself. 


B&M: What kinds of photography are your speciality? 

 "Lifestyle- I prefer photographing people in their natural element. I don't over direct or overpose unless absolutely necessary. Even with styled or commercial shoots, I want my models to feel comfortable and so I let them evolve naturally with their posing."


B&M: What favorite subject or location do you shoot?

 "I love shooting in places that are new to me or just really aesthetically pleasing to my personal eye. I love interesting houses and things that are visually striking."


Design Influencers:

 "It varies, honestly. I can look at one really stylized, intricately lit photo and fall in love and then turn the page and be just as obsessed with a really simple, grainy image. I guess I'm a little erratic."


Style Influencers:

 "Mainly just random stuff I find on Pinterest and the blogs I randomly peruse."


BONUS: Give us an unknown fact about yourself.

 "I'm going to work on a berry farm in Maine this summer."


The Shot: Mark III; Canon TS-E 45mm/2.8 Tilt shift lens 

 "Some friends and I are launching an online magazine called Velvet Dust in March 2013. I took this photo while on a shoot at CTC Gardens in Austin. I love using my tilt shift lens and I had a few minutes to spare so I took advantage of the fun space."



Photographer Collaborations: The Beeson v2 January 15 2013, 2 Comments

Jamie Clayton- South Carolina



It's probably appropriate that we first met Jamie over an August shrimp boil in a friend's backyard in Nashville. A low country boil for the lad from the land of. 

Walking into the backyard as a sharply dressed man, we immediately liked this gent. Remember when you are in grade school on the playground figuring out who your friends are going to be the first day? And you meet that first friend who you say "This dude's cool. I like his style." That was similar to our gathering in backyard of the Prichard home. Picking shrimp shells and slightly overdone Andouille sausage (sorry Ricky) from Porter Road Butcher out of a cooler. 




The first thing I remember from our conversation that evening is Jamie loved talking about shooting film. A photographer firmly rooted in the analog world of before. I would make a safe bet even to say that his only digital camera is an iPhone. When he submitted his portrait for this piece we asked him to describe it further because it was so interesting. 


"I had my dear friend Laura Partain take this photo of me in Nashville. I randomly met her and saw her do a wet plate portrait of my friends and I knew immediately I was going to have her take my portrait for this. We went over to her house and she had this crazy set up with this huge ass camera and a tent coming out of her trunk where she developed the photos right there on the spot. The wet plate collodion process was invented in 1851 by Englishman Frederick Scott Archer, and was the primary means for creating photographs until about 1880. Instead of shooting on film, wet plates are made by photographing on a sheet of glass. The photograph must be taken while the glass plate is still wet with chemistry, thus the name. Due to the process' fickle nature, the plates may have unusual lines, spots or markings that are unique to the wet plate."


B&M: What kinds of photography would you say are your specialty?

"Danceographer. Can i coin that as a term? I mean i'm pretty f-word-ing badass at taking reception shots because I love to dance so much.  People in general though, I love shooting people.  I've never shot Denzel washington but I'm pretty sure I would be pretty good at documenting his life.  I just need a chance so, if anyone who's reading this knows Denzel, John Mayer, Justin Timberlake, or Will Smith. Let em know they have someone ready to document their life. Can I add Jamie Foxx to that list?"


B&M: What favorite subject or locations do you like to shoot?

"Location Smocation. People trip out too much about locations. All you need is good light. So yeah, sunrise or sunset. Golden hour. Wherever I am, thats my favorite location to shoot. I would say overcast is my least favorite to shoot in. Its good sometimes to shoot in things that stretch you, I just prefer to be outside."


Photo Influencers: 

"Henry Cartier-Bresson because of how fast that fool can capture photos with his leica.  Annie Leibovitz is nasty with her photography skills, lighting, and production team. Who doesn't like her work.  People that really influence me are just random photographers that don't give a shit what other people think about themselves and do their own thing.  Ryan Muirhead is a friend of mine and always kills it.  Maybe that will be me one day. Right now i really like Jan Scholz's work."


Style Influencers:

"I don't really have any influencers with fashion.  I just wear what I like.  Most if its from jcrew.  If i had more money I would probably shop at Billy Reid for everything.  I like classic stuff. Great pair of jeans and boots with a solid tee and a jacket.  Nothing ever over the top or that draws too much attention.  Things that just fit well because they've been tailored and makes you stand out with out trying to."


The Shot: 

"I wanted to rep my city for sure. My buddy Andre does the sick Nashville murals in town so i figured why not incorporate it into my tie shot. I love my Beeson tie. It fits perfectly with my branding. The feel, the colors, how it looks on me. Its all money. It was shot using my mamiya 645 at f4 with Kodak Portra 400. Having the sun directly on the tie, I probably had a 1/2000th of a second exposure time."



Bonus: Give us an unknown fact about yourself

"Caroline Fontenot is actually my fraternal twin sister.  You can ask her yourself.  She might deny it, but its true.  My parents have never told me the real story but all the evidence lets me know its true.  She and i lived almost identical lives growing up in separate states, the fact that my parents have a unusual fondness for her and really want her and Mark to come to Charleston.  Theres so many more reasons but, yeah. Not too many people know."


Photographer Collaborations: The Beeson October 09 2012, 0 Comments

Nick Holdbrooks- Birmingham, AL


"An homage to my roots at Samford, my self portrait incorporates the hallmark brick pattern, the crimson and blue school colors, Georgian Colonial architecture and elements of the graphical style that I used during my time as the art and photography director at the yearbook Entre Nous and the Crimson newspaper."

iPhone, Nikon D300, Adobe Illustrator 

Nick Barnes here. I want to tell you a little about Nick Holdbrooks. We met on 3rd West of Mamie Mell Smith Hall at Samford and were the two biggest computer geeks on the hallway. We got along instantly. Nick was a big influence on me in the realms of photography and web design. He pushed me to lose some of the crutches I was using and start coding from scratch. I've come far enough to make this very site you are reading now and all of it's components. So thanks ickna. 

Nick seemed to enjoy his time there too, even the late night study parts.

"At Samford, I majored in fine art and graphic design. I made several fantastic friends while I was there spending many long hours and late nights in the art studios and design lab."

Nick's interest in photography was always apparent on campus-which I might add was a incredible backdrop to polish your skills with. He quickly grew into the ranks of professional photographers in the competitive Birmingham market, diversifying his portfolio along the way.

"Professionally, I do a lot of people photography. Wedding, portrait and event photography is my bread and butter, and my dessert is shooting food and commercial gigs. I'll take pretty much any challenge, though, because that's what keeps me improving. I've shot dishes by award winning local chefs, catalog shots of toilet seats for, ballet performances, and even a wedding in Guatemala."

Since his interests are varied I wanted to know specifically what are his favorite subjects. So I asked.

"The classic muse of the artist; women. It is one of the reasons I love doing wedding photography so much. I like showing someone how beautiful they are, especially when they don't normally hold that opinion about themselves! When traveling, I like to shoot landscapes, street art and things with interesting shapes and textures. I spent two days photographing street art in Brooklyn earlier this year and I'm looking to do more of that in the coming months."

Photo Influencers: 

"Formalism is the strongest drive in the way I approach design and composition, which I definitely blame on graphic design."

"I also take a lot of inspiration from the long history of art; having spent many hours with my nose in an art history textbook has probably influenced me more than anything. My strongest influences in portraiture come from the Old Masters like Johannes Vermeer and Francisco Goya. My strongest influences in landscape and nature images come from the Hudson River School painters like Frederic Church, Asher Durand, and Albert Bierstadt. My favorite Bierstadt painting, "Looking Down Yosemite Valley, California" is part of the Birmingham Museum of Art's collection, and will be on display in Washington D.C. and NYC this coming year."

I too love the Bierstadt painting of Yosemite Valley. To see it for the first time is truly stunning. It is incredibly vast and at 96 inches tall it's a lot to take in. 

Style Influencers: 

"My fashion is influenced by my taste for classy vintage styled clothes, leather and interesting patterns. I have a lot of neat scarves that I've collected in my travels, and a lot of people recognize me by my leather hat, bags or shoes. Leather wears and ages so fantastically, and matches my style and color palette perfectly so I wear it just about every day. My friends have described it best, calling me a 'hipster Indiana Jones'."

The Shot:

We asked Nick to photograph the Samford inspired Beeson bow tie. 

"Ballet is one of the most beautiful expressions of the art of movement and the human body, and deeply rooted in tradition and formal style. It can be both delicate and bold, like a good bow tie. Here, I bring together my favorite tie- the Beeson, my love of dance, the female form and bold painterly colors into a celebration of creativity and play with the contrasts of color and texture that hide in the details. Figuring out how to tie the bow tie on the dancer's leg was a fun challenge, too!"

Nikon D300, 50mm f/1.8

Photographer Collaborations: The Remington October 02 2012, 1 Comment

Mary Caroline Mann - Texas-->Atlanta, GA

Twitter @marycarolinem

"I'm not sure what to do in front of the camera. I'm not usually in this position. It makes me appreciate shooting portraits of artists and giving them direction in front of the lens."

It turns out we have another photographer in our series with Texas roots and Georgia ties. Mary Caroline Mann is a music photographer based in Atlanta,GA. She is also girlfriend to music photographer Bobby Russell who was featured earlier in the Collaboration series. We had a great time getting to know them more at Octane coffee house in Atlanta and had quite a few laughs around a small round table

Mary Caroline's work in the music space is evocative and captures a snapshot in time of what it's like to be standing next to some of the best musicians in the business. 

Photography study at SCAD and an internship at Anthropologie prepped her for the competitive world of music photography which she travels the south doing for major artists and labels-mostly shooting musician portraits and live concert photos. Bobby works in the same format and they often critique each others' work.

She told us several of her traveling stories and somewhere mixed in there we discovered we each love New Orleans. It's an eclectic and iconic southern city that the Brier & Moss crew has visited frequently.

"I went to New Orleans a lot as a kid. Just went back and fell in love with it again. I feel like everyone there is out of a movie scene." 

Since we both love music, we talked at length with her about her process, the trials of being on the road, and her dreams of expanding her portfolio.

"I would love to photograph Taylor Swift! I love to shoot timeless images and the way she has written her life story is timeless. Also, Coldplay because their visuals are insane, and The Killers because I love the way they dress. Oh! I would love to shoot Jack White too, he's a genius."

Photo Influencers: 

Liz Von Hoene  "People have seen her stuff everywhere without ever knowing it."

Keith Carter "The first person that taught me how to use 35mm and print in the darkroom. I grew up on his photography."

Neil Casal  "He is part of Ryan Adams' band and has lots of intimate photos of the band that a normal music photographer could never get."

Instagram user ohfajar  "He makes dreamscapes out of vintage photos all from his iPhone."

We might add that Mary Caroline's instagram isn't so shabby either. Check it out.

Style Influencers: 

Mary Caroline describes her style as "simple classic" and among her favorite places to shop are the boutiques in Santa Monica. She is also "sometimes very laid back and Bohemian" and gets influenced by the fashion surrounding the music business. 

"I wear these boots everyday. I'm from Texas!"

The Shot:

Featuring The Remington bow tie, Mary Caroline's shot captures some of the textures and grit that follow a musician around on the road life.

"I took this back stage at the Warped Tour on top of a case for a Mesa Boogie amp."

Photographer Collaborations: The LeCroix September 24 2012, 0 Comments

Caroline Fontenot - Texas-->Atlanta, GA

Twitter @backdownsouth


"The photo was taken on the steps in front of our house in between rainstorms. I'm sitting in a puddle."

We first met Caroline on an interview around the middle of 2011. We told her our grande vision of creating a men's bow tie line, filling an immediate need in the Collegiate market, and setting out to make a fine product that we were proud to wear. We would formally introduce her blog, Back Down South, to you our reader, but chances are you are already reading her yourself. 

While she is best known in the blog world for her street style on Back Down South, Caroline spends much of her time traveling to shoot "Weddings and lifestyle sessions with awesome people," which is precisely how she got her start in photography. 

"I went to University of North Texas with every intention of studying Photojournalism...and then, as a pretty lazy freshman, I switched majors to Rec. For about three years, I really thought I'd use that degree and do rec programming for non-profits. All the while, I continued pursuing my love of photography as an eager amateur. During my senior internship, a friend asked if I'd shoot her wedding, and I said yes. I left the wedding, called my fiance, and said "Yeah...I want to do photography." By the time I got my diploma, I'd already launched a website and made plans to become a full time photographer."

Caroline seems to find both halves of Brier & Moss on the end of the lens from time to time. Recently, she featured Jonathan Snyder in the most spectacular blue suit (from our friends at TRIO customs) and has featured Nick Barnes a time or two.  It seems every time we get together she has a camera in her hand, always at the ready.

"I love shooting in new places. I try to never shoot the same location twice and am always searching for interesting light and shadows to play with. In middle school, high school and college, I mostly photographed landscapes and architecture. In college, I started shooting my friends more and realized how fun it was to capture people having fun. Because I first fell in love with the way an environment is presented in a photo, I strongly bring that in with people. Interesting lines, colors, lights, shadows, buildings, etc make compositions more much challenging and exciting for me."

Photo Influencers:

"This list could be a mile long. I'll make it simple: my favorite non-wedding photographer is Annie Leibovitz. Her work and publications blow my mind. My favorite wedding photographer is Jeff Newsom because his work does the same. At the end of the day, my biggest influence is a person who takes a photo and makes me think: How did they do this?"

Style Influencers: 

"Robin Scherbatsky on How I Met Your Mother is my biggest girl crush. In regards to "real" people in "real" clothes: Janelle Monae, Jackie O, Princess Diana, Tory Burch, Sarah Vickers, Alexa Chung, Jess Graves (The Love List)...and pretty much any girl featured on Tomboy Style."

The Shot:

We asked Caroline to photograph our purple and gold "LeCroix" bow tie because it had a special meaning to her. In fact, we gave our very first one to her husband Mark.

"Ah, The LeCroix, my husbands LSU bow. Until Brier & Moss became the greatness that it is, Mark had found a purple and gold bow tie on eBay for $7. The colors were a tad off, and the bow tie was a really odd size. Then the LeCroix happened, and his eBay bow got replaced. It's one of the bows always in his Bow Tie Trophy Case on our dresser (the others are rotated out by season)."

Canon 5D Mark III + 50 1.2L

Photographer Collaborations: The Heathermore September 18 2012, 2 Comments

Colby Blount - Atlanta, GA-->Queens, NY

Instagram @gcblount07

Colby Blount met us at a coffee house in Atlanta's Edgewood District near his home. After just a few moments of chatting we knew that Colby had an artistic creativity and presence that is most often, innately possessed.  Colby went on to later shoot our models in the most current additions to the Southern Stripes and Black Tie Collections, as well as studio photos for said collections and accessories. 

Colby has accomplished much in his 23 years. At Portfolio Center he studied photography, illustration, design, and cultivated his love for fashion photography. 

"I love photographing beautiful people and creating scenes-putting fashion into still life."

Working afterwards for photographer Liz Von Hoene and sharing space in her studio with Bobby Russell, Colby has developed a love for the media his work is most often portrayed in. We talked about the decline of print magazines and if they were making a resurgence. Colby says "It's just like film, it won't die," citing that many photographers in his world still use film. Yes, Mr. Blount, we hope they stay around too. 

Working all over the Atlanta scene Colby has shot for the Atlantan, Men's Book and most recently shot Atlanta Designer Alvin Diec and Brier & Moss Co-Founder Jonathan Snyder, both for Jezebel. 

After Colby's recent stop in Nashville to shoot our brand, he packed up his things and moved to Queens to further his experience with the lens. His self portrait below is some of his first work there. 

"When I get up to New York I need to work on shooting real people more....people who aren't necessarily models. Models are always very comfortable in front of the camera. It's hard for people who aren't normally in that role to know how to stand and where to put their hands. I like capturing that. Catching them between poses...moments in between moments."

Photo Influencers: 

"I'm inspired by classic style like Arnold Newman and Vanity Fair's Annie Leibovitz"

"I really like Parker Fitz Henry in Portland, he shoots for Kinfolk Magazine and uses lots of film and Polaroid."

Style Influencers: 

"I wear alot of vintage plaid, cutoff jeans, and thrift finds. Billy Reid is a big inspiration. I also go through shoe phases. I'm into canvas sneakers right now. I wear them until they fall apart and then get a new pair."

Colby's photograph, featuring The Heathermore, was shot on vintage trays from the 60s bought at the thrift store and includes a number of found items from a recent trip to Charleston. 

"I included a bird feather and some coral I picked up on Bull Island in Charleston. You take a ferry over and it's this wonderful, undeveloped landscape with massive trees and a beach full of washed up items called boneyard beach. 

Canon 5D Mark II,  24-105 f/4

Photographer Collaborations: The Deighton September 10 2012, 3 Comments

Bobby K. Russell - Atlanta, GA


Canon 5D Mark III, 2.8 24-70 L Series

Bobby Russell, and his girlfriend Mary Caroline, met Jonathan and me one busy Saturday at Octane in Atlanta. We had an excellent time over coffee listening to them tell stories of their photo adventures while traveling the country as music photographers. 

Bobby has a studio in Atlanta in the King Plow building where he works with photographer, Liz Von Hoene. Renting space from her while she travels to shoot on location, he works on his live music commissions and musician portraits.  Lately he seems to be making a turn towards the digital age to embrace the vast forms of media a professional photographer is now expected to capture. 

"Recently, I've been shooting more digital video and music video B-roll. It's the way the business is going. The younger generations of music fans are wanting more and more content from the artists."

With an eye for even perspective and symmetry, Bobby likes "to shoot into lines and structured backgrounds" and has shot musicians all over Atlanta at the Tabernacle, Masquerade, and Georgia Dome. 

Photo Influencers: 

Justin Hollar Photography (NY): "He does the Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie catalog stuff which I love. His photos of School of Seven Bells are some of my favorite."

Jered Scott (LA): "I love this work, I think it's brilliant. He is very humble and talented."

Mary Caroline Mann (ATL): "My girlfriend Mary Caroline is an incredible photographer and is a large influence on my work."

Style Influencers: 

"I grew up in bands and music culture. As I got older all of that melds together to form the style I wear daily. I secretly wish I could wear a suit everyday. I would work at Sid Mashburn just so I could buy his suits."


Bobby's photograph of The Deighton comes from the backstage guitar rig of the band New Found Glory. 

Canon 5D Mark III, 2.8 24-70 L Series

What's New For Fall + Photo Shoot September 10 2012, 0 Comments

Our New Fall products are here! We've added 10 new bow tie styles and a few cool accessories. We had such a great time shooting photos at The Hermitage Hotel in Nashville that we thought we would share a few behind the scenes pics from the shoot.

Have a look below but make sure you check out what's new in Southern Stripes, The Black Tie Collection, and our cool Silk Knot Cufflinks. Also, our fabric key fobs are an instant classic, get one here

Georgia Gents and Wedding Belles. September 03 2012, 0 Comments

A few months back we had the pleasure of making our first formal ties for a wedding north of Atlanta at Barnsley Gardens. The groom, Ryals Stone, had requested our very first all black tie for his groomsmen as gifts. We thought his name was so cool we named it after him. What's better than giving a namesake bow tie as a gift? Nothing.

The Stone wedding also got to premiere our first all white grooms' tie, The Whytte.

Check out these photos below by Genya Garret of Vue Photography. Congrats Ryals and Lauren, B&M wishes you the best.

Our Fall Line and My Exceptional Business Partner August 29 2012, 6 Comments

Usually when I write for this blog it's from the company, not myself. But I am stepping out of the shadows today to tell you about our fall lineup and herald the efforts of my business partner Jonathan. 

We have had a busy summer preparing for the fall season. The air is crisper, the days are shorter and my beloved Vols will kickoff this Friday night to open up the season. It's time. 

We have been listening to many of you and have honored your requests, adding many new schools and colors to the Southern Stripes Collection as well as expanding our Black Tie Collection with some really classic additions. We just wrapped up our fall photo shoot at Nashville's exquisite Hermitage Hotel with photographer Colby Blount from Atlanta and were Colby's last shoot on the way to his new home in Queens-wish him the best. We will be releasing all of the new looks and products very soon. Join our email list to be the first to know when they are available and to get advance notice of specials throughout the season.

"True friendship is a plant of slow growth, and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity before it is entitled to the appellation."
- George Washington

My business partner, Jonathan, and I met during Greek rush and have had a storied friendship ever since. But, friendship in a college fraternity is more about fun that it is about work-hanging with friends, drinking a few beers, going to see music. It wasn't until we decided to start our own company that I truly understood the nature of what it means.

Jon and I have worked hard at this business. It takes a sacrifice on many levels to run a company and keep that company on course with a strict set of principals. There are short cuts at every turn if you want them. But, we have stayed the course and Mr. Snyder has been an integral part of that. Stepping out on your own in the business world is not something you often do with a friend. It's often tough on a friendship and can tear people apart. I'm thankful that I have been able to share in our successes and failures with Jon and can truly say that we have bettered ourselves as individuals and as friends. Here's to my business partner and my ΣΧ little bro, Jonathan N. Snyder.

-Nickolas B. Barnes

See Jon's recent features in Southern League Magazine and Jezebel Magazine.

A Nashville Summer Wedding June 05 2012, 1 Comment

Our friends Aaron Spraggs and Liz Sharpe are the life of the party. It's obvious when I walk in to their engagement party in East Nashville. I'm greeted by Aaron in a fantastic large, felt brimmed hat which looks like a cross between the civil war calvalry and Indiana Jones. It's fantastic.

Aaron and Liz are some of Nashville's finest musicians. I met Liz when I held a backyard concert at my house in Sylvan Park and she performed a tune called "Never Surrender" that was such a memorable performance I still think of it today. Nashville duo Sam and Ruby ended up recording her song which I've posted below for your enjoyment.

The Spraggs' wedding was shot by photographer Alysse Gafkjen. Known for her amazing photos of musicians, Alysse brings lots of that creative style to her wedding photos. This wedding was held just outside of Nashville and featured a casual atmosphere. 

Alysse's photos were featured on Wed Loft and they remarked on the parties' dress:

"As for the attire, it was casual dressy, mostly Betsy Johnson dresses and bow-ties by Brier & Moss, another local vendor to Nashville, TN."

Aaron and his groomsmen wore The Blakley by Brier & Moss.

We've included a few of the photos below. To see more of them visit Wed Loft's feature here.

Takeaway Video Series: Featuring Wes Vause May 20 2012, 0 Comments

Our second installment in the Takeaway video web series features Wes Vause from Nashville, TN. Wes is a publicist at Sony Music and is Vice President of Media for the RCA, BNA, and Columbia label groups.

He shares insights on making style decisions for artists, a bit of his style perspective, and talks about his Brier & Moss Blakley bow tie. Enjoy!

View in HD

B&M Co-Founder Jonathan featured in Jezebel's Street Style May 09 2012, 0 Comments

Our Brier & Moss Co-Founder, Jonathan Snyder, was featured in the May issue of Jezebel in the magazine's street style section. This portion of the Atlanta magazine is curated by Cameron Adams and highlights "Atlanta's sartorial cityscape, caught on camera."

To see the feature in the online version of Jezebel, click here.

Win a Bow Tie For Steeplechase! May 03 2012, 0 Comments

Just in time for Steeplechase season we have partnered with Anika Dartsch-Watkins and her blog Against The Twang to give away a bow tie of the winners choice! Anika authored our recent feature in Nashville Lifestyles magazine and writes Real Talk With Anika and The Nashville Hotlist.

You will find contest rules and entry instructions on Against The Twang by clicking here.

Contest ends on Wednesday, May 9th- Good Luck!

Takeaway Video Series: Featuring Ryan Silver April 30 2012, 0 Comments

Introducing our Takeaway Videos web series! Below is the first installment featuring Nashville musician Ryan Silver. This series spotlights fashionable gents that wear Brier & Moss and showcases their unique and individual style.

Get to know Chicago-native Ryan below. He is one of our favorite people and is a rising star in the music scene. 

Learn more about Ryan and his music at

B&M at the 47th Running of the Atlanta Steeplechase April 23 2012, 0 Comments

What a fun start to the spring! Several weeks ago Brier & Moss was able to participate in the 47th Running of the Atlanta Steeplechase benefiting the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. We had lots of visitors throughout the day- many coming to browse through our Southern Stripes Collection, or on a mission to see our first addition to the Race Day Collection, the custom bow tie for Atlanta Steeplechase

It was an event to remember and one we are looking forward to doing again next year. Check out a few photos snapped by our dear friend, photographer Caroline Fontenot. Caroline travels the South looking for street fashion and prep looks for her ever popular blog, Back Down South

Win Something!

In honor of Steeplechase, Back Down South has partnered with us for a sweepstakes giveaway. Click here for a chance to win your very own Steeplechase bow tie. This contest ends on Wednesday, April 25th so hurry and enter!

Win A Bow Tie Contest With Great Lakes Prep! February 29 2012, 0 Comments

This week we have teamed up with our friends at Great Lakes Prep to offer a bow tie giveaway. 

We will trade you a few Facebook likes and Twitter follows for an entry for one bow tie of your choosing. Not a bad deal!

We will pick a winner on March 7th who will be notified by email. Only one entry per person.

To enter, visit our Facebook page and click the "Win A Bow Tie" tab or go directly by clicking here:

Birmingham Fashion Week and Dr. Andrew Westmoreland February 27 2012, 6 Comments

What an exciting time it has been the last few weeks with the arrival of the Southern Stripes Collection, launch of our new online store and our trip to Birmingham for Fashion Week and related festivities.

Jonathan and I also got our fill of fine BBQ, as we often do while visiting the Magic City, with stops and Miss Myra's and Dreamland.  And a fun friday night jaunt to The Oasis to see some local blues talent. 

However, our first and most memorable stop was at the Office of the President at Samford University to visit with Dr. Andrew Westmoreland. We formed our original friendship over fraternity bonds at Samford and it was an honor and a privilege to present one of our first Samford-inspired "Beeson" bows to the main man himself. Dr. Westmoreland is the most approachable, accessible, humble man and we our proud to have him at the helm of our alma mater. We spent some time in his office shooting the breeze about his home on the hill overlooking campus, Samford sports, and the history behind making his corner office overlooking the quad. "This used to be a passage way off the quad before they built this office here. I'm sure some students were pretty upset when this went in," he says.

While we were on Samford's campus we couldn't pass up the chance to snap a photo with Mr. Beeson's statue. After all, this tie is his namesake, and I think he wears it rather well.

Saturday night's Birmingham Fashion Week events were at the Pepper Place building in downtown Birmingham. A cool, old factory spot turned hip restaurant, gallery, and office space. This was our first time attending this event, which was in it's second year, spanning Thursday to Saturday. 

We chose to attend Saturday to support our Nashville friends, Leona Collection. Lauren and her sister Michele were very helpful in clothing our female model for our last photo shoot and it was fun to see those very same outfits coming down the runway. Leona was a featured designer for Saturday's show and was accompanied by rave reviews from the audience. 

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Photos with Paige and Poppin 'Pagne January 18 2012, 1 Comment

Mid-December last year we met some new friends and fabulous photographers, Paige Newton and her assistant Bri Nicole. Paige found us through our mutual friend Caroline Fontenot and her ever popular blog, Back Down South. She was coming up to Nashville from Austin and decided to take some time to capture the life and times of the Co-Founders of Brier and Moss. I'm not sure if she was expecting to show up, hang for a bit, and shoot just a few pictures, but we decided to show her a good time and a little taste of Nashville in her short time here!

We started with a little lunch at Mas Tacos on the East side. It was jam packed! Apparently we showed up on the same day that ScoutMob was having a free taco giveaway...oops. But the food was fantastic as always-fresh and authentic.

After lunch the cameras started rolling, and they didn't stop all day.....

Woodland Street Bridge overlooking the Nashville skyline

Then a short stop at Crema for a Pumpkin Spice Latte...

Next we took the photgs downtown to Broadway for a little honky tonk history lesson at Robert's Western World and Hatch Show Print.

And finally on to our friend and advisor, Mark Hagood's house to pop open to champagne, turn up some tunes on the vintage Marantz, and dance the night away...

Paige we want to thank you for the wonderful photos, you truly are an exceptional artist with an eye for candid, expressive photos. We truly enjoyed the story line you put together on your blog.

To see the entire photo shoot with Paige click here.

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Bows, B-Roll, and Announcing the Beeson January 12 2012, 0 Comments

Our 2012 launch is getting so close we can almost touch it! Our commitment to quality has lead us to launch a little later than expected but we are sure that you will love your first Brier and Moss bow!

After our "Southern Stripes" photo shoot our friend, fan, and fellow musician Ryan Silver made us a cool video to recap the day. Although lots of planning goes into a shoot, its an absolute blast. Check it out below.

We will be rolling out our collection over the next few weeks so watch the blog and social streams to keep up with each style. To inaugurate our first series, we introduce to you The Beeson. Made for fans of our alma mater, Samford University, this woven silk tie features repp stripes in a rich crimson and navy with a small white stripe. It has an adjustable neck guide and is 100% silk. Available within a few weeks on our soon to be released online store and the online gameday retailer Chic Soleil.



Photo shoot Prep..."places everyone" November 17 2011, 2 Comments

Over the past several months, Jonathan and I have been planning the photo shoot for our Southern Stripes collection and this weekend we will see the fruits of our labor and our vision come to life on film.

We'll be sending some tweets and pics during the shoot and will post a few images when the edits are finished. However, all of them will be available on our soon to come, re-designed website and online store! I am grateful to the Head family for the use of their home and excited to work with Photographer Chad Davis, and models Carson Nicely, and Mary Jane Carney.


B&M spotted at the 45th annual CMA awards show November 11 2011, 3 Comments

The preceding photo of Brier and Moss Co-Founder, Nick Barnes, was captured at the Sony Music CMA after party at the historic Hermitage Hotel in downtown Nashville, TN. Before the Hermitage, Nick and his date Caroline Bell attended the 45th annual CMA award show at Nashville's Bridgestone Arena.

Nick is wearing The Deighton bow tie from the Brier and Moss Southern Stripes collection.

Stay tuned for the the launch of the Fall/Winter 2011 silk bow tie line.