Bows, B-Roll, and Announcing the Beeson January 12 2012, 0 Comments

Our 2012 launch is getting so close we can almost touch it! Our commitment to quality has lead us to launch a little later than expected but we are sure that you will love your first Brier and Moss bow!

After our "Southern Stripes" photo shoot our friend, fan, and fellow musician Ryan Silver made us a cool video to recap the day. Although lots of planning goes into a shoot, its an absolute blast. Check it out below.

We will be rolling out our collection over the next few weeks so watch the blog and social streams to keep up with each style. To inaugurate our first series, we introduce to you The Beeson. Made for fans of our alma mater, Samford University, this woven silk tie features repp stripes in a rich crimson and navy with a small white stripe. It has an adjustable neck guide and is 100% silk. Available within a few weeks on our soon to be released online store and the online gameday retailer Chic Soleil.