Birmingham Fashion Week and Dr. Andrew Westmoreland February 27 2012, 6 Comments

What an exciting time it has been the last few weeks with the arrival of the Southern Stripes Collection, launch of our new online store and our trip to Birmingham for Fashion Week and related festivities.

Jonathan and I also got our fill of fine BBQ, as we often do while visiting the Magic City, with stops and Miss Myra's and Dreamland.  And a fun friday night jaunt to The Oasis to see some local blues talent. 

However, our first and most memorable stop was at the Office of the President at Samford University to visit with Dr. Andrew Westmoreland. We formed our original friendship over fraternity bonds at Samford and it was an honor and a privilege to present one of our first Samford-inspired "Beeson" bows to the main man himself. Dr. Westmoreland is the most approachable, accessible, humble man and we our proud to have him at the helm of our alma mater. We spent some time in his office shooting the breeze about his home on the hill overlooking campus, Samford sports, and the history behind making his corner office overlooking the quad. "This used to be a passage way off the quad before they built this office here. I'm sure some students were pretty upset when this went in," he says.

While we were on Samford's campus we couldn't pass up the chance to snap a photo with Mr. Beeson's statue. After all, this tie is his namesake, and I think he wears it rather well.

Saturday night's Birmingham Fashion Week events were at the Pepper Place building in downtown Birmingham. A cool, old factory spot turned hip restaurant, gallery, and office space. This was our first time attending this event, which was in it's second year, spanning Thursday to Saturday. 

We chose to attend Saturday to support our Nashville friends, Leona Collection. Lauren and her sister Michele were very helpful in clothing our female model for our last photo shoot and it was fun to see those very same outfits coming down the runway. Leona was a featured designer for Saturday's show and was accompanied by rave reviews from the audience. 

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