A Nashville Summer Wedding June 05 2012, 1 Comment

Our friends Aaron Spraggs and Liz Sharpe are the life of the party. It's obvious when I walk in to their engagement party in East Nashville. I'm greeted by Aaron in a fantastic large, felt brimmed hat which looks like a cross between the civil war calvalry and Indiana Jones. It's fantastic.

Aaron and Liz are some of Nashville's finest musicians. I met Liz when I held a backyard concert at my house in Sylvan Park and she performed a tune called "Never Surrender" that was such a memorable performance I still think of it today. Nashville duo Sam and Ruby ended up recording her song which I've posted below for your enjoyment.

The Spraggs' wedding was shot by photographer Alysse Gafkjen. Known for her amazing photos of musicians, Alysse brings lots of that creative style to her wedding photos. This wedding was held just outside of Nashville and featured a casual atmosphere. 

Alysse's photos were featured on Wed Loft and they remarked on the parties' dress:

"As for the attire, it was casual dressy, mostly Betsy Johnson dresses and bow-ties by Brier & Moss, another local vendor to Nashville, TN."

Aaron and his groomsmen wore The Blakley by Brier & Moss.

We've included a few of the photos below. To see more of them visit Wed Loft's feature here.