Photographer Collaborations: The Heathermore September 18 2012, 2 Comments

Colby Blount - Atlanta, GA-->Queens, NY

Instagram @gcblount07

Colby Blount met us at a coffee house in Atlanta's Edgewood District near his home. After just a few moments of chatting we knew that Colby had an artistic creativity and presence that is most often, innately possessed.  Colby went on to later shoot our models in the most current additions to the Southern Stripes and Black Tie Collections, as well as studio photos for said collections and accessories. 

Colby has accomplished much in his 23 years. At Portfolio Center he studied photography, illustration, design, and cultivated his love for fashion photography. 

"I love photographing beautiful people and creating scenes-putting fashion into still life."

Working afterwards for photographer Liz Von Hoene and sharing space in her studio with Bobby Russell, Colby has developed a love for the media his work is most often portrayed in. We talked about the decline of print magazines and if they were making a resurgence. Colby says "It's just like film, it won't die," citing that many photographers in his world still use film. Yes, Mr. Blount, we hope they stay around too. 

Working all over the Atlanta scene Colby has shot for the Atlantan, Men's Book and most recently shot Atlanta Designer Alvin Diec and Brier & Moss Co-Founder Jonathan Snyder, both for Jezebel. 

After Colby's recent stop in Nashville to shoot our brand, he packed up his things and moved to Queens to further his experience with the lens. His self portrait below is some of his first work there. 

"When I get up to New York I need to work on shooting real people more....people who aren't necessarily models. Models are always very comfortable in front of the camera. It's hard for people who aren't normally in that role to know how to stand and where to put their hands. I like capturing that. Catching them between poses...moments in between moments."

Photo Influencers: 

"I'm inspired by classic style like Arnold Newman and Vanity Fair's Annie Leibovitz"

"I really like Parker Fitz Henry in Portland, he shoots for Kinfolk Magazine and uses lots of film and Polaroid."

Style Influencers: 

"I wear alot of vintage plaid, cutoff jeans, and thrift finds. Billy Reid is a big inspiration. I also go through shoe phases. I'm into canvas sneakers right now. I wear them until they fall apart and then get a new pair."

Colby's photograph, featuring The Heathermore, was shot on vintage trays from the 60s bought at the thrift store and includes a number of found items from a recent trip to Charleston. 

"I included a bird feather and some coral I picked up on Bull Island in Charleston. You take a ferry over and it's this wonderful, undeveloped landscape with massive trees and a beach full of washed up items called boneyard beach. 

Canon 5D Mark II,  24-105 f/4