Photographer Collaborations: The LeCroix September 24 2012, 0 Comments

Caroline Fontenot - Texas-->Atlanta, GA

Twitter @backdownsouth


"The photo was taken on the steps in front of our house in between rainstorms. I'm sitting in a puddle."

We first met Caroline on an interview around the middle of 2011. We told her our grande vision of creating a men's bow tie line, filling an immediate need in the Collegiate market, and setting out to make a fine product that we were proud to wear. We would formally introduce her blog, Back Down South, to you our reader, but chances are you are already reading her yourself. 

While she is best known in the blog world for her street style on Back Down South, Caroline spends much of her time traveling to shoot "Weddings and lifestyle sessions with awesome people," which is precisely how she got her start in photography. 

"I went to University of North Texas with every intention of studying Photojournalism...and then, as a pretty lazy freshman, I switched majors to Rec. For about three years, I really thought I'd use that degree and do rec programming for non-profits. All the while, I continued pursuing my love of photography as an eager amateur. During my senior internship, a friend asked if I'd shoot her wedding, and I said yes. I left the wedding, called my fiance, and said "Yeah...I want to do photography." By the time I got my diploma, I'd already launched a website and made plans to become a full time photographer."

Caroline seems to find both halves of Brier & Moss on the end of the lens from time to time. Recently, she featured Jonathan Snyder in the most spectacular blue suit (from our friends at TRIO customs) and has featured Nick Barnes a time or two.  It seems every time we get together she has a camera in her hand, always at the ready.

"I love shooting in new places. I try to never shoot the same location twice and am always searching for interesting light and shadows to play with. In middle school, high school and college, I mostly photographed landscapes and architecture. In college, I started shooting my friends more and realized how fun it was to capture people having fun. Because I first fell in love with the way an environment is presented in a photo, I strongly bring that in with people. Interesting lines, colors, lights, shadows, buildings, etc make compositions more much challenging and exciting for me."

Photo Influencers:

"This list could be a mile long. I'll make it simple: my favorite non-wedding photographer is Annie Leibovitz. Her work and publications blow my mind. My favorite wedding photographer is Jeff Newsom because his work does the same. At the end of the day, my biggest influence is a person who takes a photo and makes me think: How did they do this?"

Style Influencers: 

"Robin Scherbatsky on How I Met Your Mother is my biggest girl crush. In regards to "real" people in "real" clothes: Janelle Monae, Jackie O, Princess Diana, Tory Burch, Sarah Vickers, Alexa Chung, Jess Graves (The Love List)...and pretty much any girl featured on Tomboy Style."

The Shot:

We asked Caroline to photograph our purple and gold "LeCroix" bow tie because it had a special meaning to her. In fact, we gave our very first one to her husband Mark.

"Ah, The LeCroix, my husbands LSU bow. Until Brier & Moss became the greatness that it is, Mark had found a purple and gold bow tie on eBay for $7. The colors were a tad off, and the bow tie was a really odd size. Then the LeCroix happened, and his eBay bow got replaced. It's one of the bows always in his Bow Tie Trophy Case on our dresser (the others are rotated out by season)."

Canon 5D Mark III + 50 1.2L