Photographer Collaborations: The Remington October 02 2012, 1 Comment

Mary Caroline Mann - Texas-->Atlanta, GA

Twitter @marycarolinem

"I'm not sure what to do in front of the camera. I'm not usually in this position. It makes me appreciate shooting portraits of artists and giving them direction in front of the lens."

It turns out we have another photographer in our series with Texas roots and Georgia ties. Mary Caroline Mann is a music photographer based in Atlanta,GA. She is also girlfriend to music photographer Bobby Russell who was featured earlier in the Collaboration series. We had a great time getting to know them more at Octane coffee house in Atlanta and had quite a few laughs around a small round table

Mary Caroline's work in the music space is evocative and captures a snapshot in time of what it's like to be standing next to some of the best musicians in the business. 

Photography study at SCAD and an internship at Anthropologie prepped her for the competitive world of music photography which she travels the south doing for major artists and labels-mostly shooting musician portraits and live concert photos. Bobby works in the same format and they often critique each others' work.

She told us several of her traveling stories and somewhere mixed in there we discovered we each love New Orleans. It's an eclectic and iconic southern city that the Brier & Moss crew has visited frequently.

"I went to New Orleans a lot as a kid. Just went back and fell in love with it again. I feel like everyone there is out of a movie scene." 

Since we both love music, we talked at length with her about her process, the trials of being on the road, and her dreams of expanding her portfolio.

"I would love to photograph Taylor Swift! I love to shoot timeless images and the way she has written her life story is timeless. Also, Coldplay because their visuals are insane, and The Killers because I love the way they dress. Oh! I would love to shoot Jack White too, he's a genius."

Photo Influencers: 

Liz Von Hoene  "People have seen her stuff everywhere without ever knowing it."

Keith Carter "The first person that taught me how to use 35mm and print in the darkroom. I grew up on his photography."

Neil Casal  "He is part of Ryan Adams' band and has lots of intimate photos of the band that a normal music photographer could never get."

Instagram user ohfajar  "He makes dreamscapes out of vintage photos all from his iPhone."

We might add that Mary Caroline's instagram isn't so shabby either. Check it out.

Style Influencers: 

Mary Caroline describes her style as "simple classic" and among her favorite places to shop are the boutiques in Santa Monica. She is also "sometimes very laid back and Bohemian" and gets influenced by the fashion surrounding the music business. 

"I wear these boots everyday. I'm from Texas!"

The Shot:

Featuring The Remington bow tie, Mary Caroline's shot captures some of the textures and grit that follow a musician around on the road life.

"I took this back stage at the Warped Tour on top of a case for a Mesa Boogie amp."