Photographer Collaborations: The Blakley February 26 2013, 0 Comments

Paige Newton- Texas


We first met Paige in November of 2011. She had seen Co-Founder Nick Barnes on Back Down South and had reached out to us as she was on the way to Nashville and wanted to link up. We became fast friends and had an awesome photo shoot all over the city which culminated in a champagne party at the end of the evening. Check out her original post from that weekend here. Paige seems to have never met a stranger and is quite an accomplished photographer. 

"I can't tie a bow tie to save my life....I needed someone else to tie it for me which is why it ended up on my head and not my neck. I'm also extremely awkward on camera- even when I'm taking a self portrait which is why I look, well, awkward. ;) "

Paige attended the University of Texas where she got her degree in Public Relations but had an opportunity to study film photography one summer in Italy and has been hooked ever since. After returning with the basics she spent time perfecting her craft by attending workshops, asking other photographers for advice, and teaching herself. 


B&M: What kinds of photography are your speciality? 

 "Lifestyle- I prefer photographing people in their natural element. I don't over direct or overpose unless absolutely necessary. Even with styled or commercial shoots, I want my models to feel comfortable and so I let them evolve naturally with their posing."


B&M: What favorite subject or location do you shoot?

 "I love shooting in places that are new to me or just really aesthetically pleasing to my personal eye. I love interesting houses and things that are visually striking."


Design Influencers:

 "It varies, honestly. I can look at one really stylized, intricately lit photo and fall in love and then turn the page and be just as obsessed with a really simple, grainy image. I guess I'm a little erratic."


Style Influencers:

 "Mainly just random stuff I find on Pinterest and the blogs I randomly peruse."


BONUS: Give us an unknown fact about yourself.

 "I'm going to work on a berry farm in Maine this summer."


The Shot: Mark III; Canon TS-E 45mm/2.8 Tilt shift lens 

 "Some friends and I are launching an online magazine called Velvet Dust in March 2013. I took this photo while on a shoot at CTC Gardens in Austin. I love using my tilt shift lens and I had a few minutes to spare so I took advantage of the fun space."