Atlanta Steeplechase and Hudson Sutler May 06 2013, 3 Comments

Sometimes you meet someone and you become instant friends. Maybe you have similar interests, hobbies, or like the same sports team. Or maybe you can both relate on the perils and triumphs of the apparel business. Grant Hewit is one of those gents. 

Grant, who owns Hudson Sutler (An NYC-based company making high quality canvas bags), first talked to Jonathan and I over a conference call. We both decided to share a booth at the 48th Atlanta Steeplechase, and a photo shoot idea was born with longtime B&M friend Caroline Fontenot from Back Down South. Grant's vision for his company's image involves bringing like minds together. His idea of traveling to meet friends, other brands, and a great photographer fostered community and we all had a great time. What's funny is that many of us had not met. 

Social media is a big part of our company. We have met many friends, style blogs, and photographers over Twitter and have fostered relationships in real life because of it. The five of us met in Buckhead recently to shoot Grant's lookbook and eventually share some oysters and Monday Night Fuman Brew on a hot patio. The all-star crew featured Grant Hewit, Gregg from Jack Donnelly, Jess from The Love List, and Caroline from Back Down South. Of course I couldn't travel from Nashville to Buckhead without making a trip to Sid Mashburn to marvel at the double monk straps and listen to Sid talk about vintage tube amps and high-fi stereos. The guys knows style, but I'm impressed by his knowledge of the analog. 



Steeplechase was the following day and filled with a sea of bow ties and sundresses. We ran into a couple friends, past customers and made some new ones. Caroline came by and took a few photos and we ran into our good friend Jarrod who was rocking a Golightly like mine. 



The lookbook turned out great. And we gained a great friend out of the process. I took my new Hudson Sutler bag on a short trip to NYC recently. It performed well and got lots of looks. Fits nice in the overhead too.

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