Great Lakes Prep September 02 2016

Brier & Moss The Carlyle Bow Tie

Brier & Moss Carlyle Bow Tie

With college football season kicking off, I find myself turning back to the brands that built themselves on unofficial gameday wear. Brier & Moss applies that approach to bow ties, crafting striped bow ties in color schemes inspired by college colors. The beauty of these bow ties is that since they are not logoed or identified with a specific college in any way besides the colors, they can easily be worn by anyone, regardless of college affiliation. If you find a color combination you like, feel free to wear it on days that aren’t gameday.

My team colors aren’t orange, blue and white, but The Carlyle still caught my eye. I doubt I’ll wear a bow tie to a high school game, but it does work out that the orange, blue and white color scheme is the same as my local high school. Even though this silk bow tie is inspired by Florida, it can easily be worked into non-gameday uniforms. Or worn by Boise State fans. It’s versatile, just like a quarterback that can run and throw.